Office cleaning companies that purely specialise in providing commercial cleaning services, from our experience, more often than not, don’t provide a good service, in both customer services and quality of cleaning.

Time and time again, prospective commercial clients’ complaints from their current service providers range from: “The cleaning staffs don’t stay very long, and we have new cleaning operatives all the time” or “We complain to his/her line manager, but we never hear back”. Additionally, the large office cleaning companies, as they are fully conscious that’s their services are not up to scratch tie you into lengthy and costly contracts often for a minimum of 12 months or more. As with age, often comes wisdom, and I would always ask myself, if this cleaning company (or any other service provider for that matter) is meant to be so good, why are they asking me to commit to a 12 month contract? The answer is simple, they know that they are probably not going to (be good) and need a minimum of 12 months so they make a profit on the cleaning.

What’s the reason that the large commercial office cleaning companies don’t perform well? Good question, this is something at Atticus we have pondered and discussed, our theory is such: firstly here in south Manchester, we have two of the largest specialist commercial office cleaning companies in the North-West, right on our doorstep in Sale, North Cheshire, namely, and dare I say their names: Floorbrite and Servicemaster; they’re arguably the two most disparaged office cleaning companies that, at Atticus, we hear comments concerning. Basically, they work on a numbers basis, and their profitability is simply based on the more office cleaning contracts they are able to sign, the happier the MD is! These companies just about hire any cleaning operatives that apply for a job, whether they have had experience or not, sure from time to time they will employ competent staff, and if you are lucky that cleaning operative may be assigned to your contract, but the likely case, as your company is a just a number tied to a 12 month contract remember, is you’re going to get someone that has little skill and just basically doesn’t care. It may be “just cleaning”, but hiring skilled, talented staff is extremely difficult, believe me, we’ve been there, tried and learnt the hard way.

At Atticus we are more intelligent; at least we like to think so! It’s not about numbers with us! Our competitive advantage is that all our cleaning operatives not only work cleaning offices, but other cleaning tasks too, such as end of tenancy cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning and from time to time specialist cleans, like trauma and crime scene cleaning and void cleans. If the cleaning operative is trained and able to complete end of tenancy cleans where the cleaning required is to a much greater standard than typically office cleaning, then we find this is excellent grounding to becoming an exceptional office cleaner, where the work is generally much lighter in nature and less challenging – the best office cleaners are without question, in our experience cleaners that regular complete end of tenancy cleans – period. End of tenancy cleans separate the wheat from the chaff, only the very best cleaning operatives are able to meet the quality required, restrictive timeframes and pressure to complete cleaning tasks swiftly and effectively; an important further factor to consider is that all end of tenancy cleans once completed are checked for thoroughness not only by our quality control staff, but when completing cleans for letting agents, the letting agent in the form of an inventory and more often than not, the landlord and tenant too! Subsequently the cleaning operatives are therefore skilled in producing quality cleaning that is beyond scrutiny – which indeed, transfers very well to office cleaning.

At Atticus, rather arrogantly (you could say), we know we are outstanding office cleaners from all the positive and complementary feedback we receive; occasionally if we obtain suggestions for improvement we take on board, adapt and most importantly learn from our mistakes and develop for the future – we are always evolving.

We simply don’t need to sign our office cleaning clients up to 12 month contracts, we do a good job – we know we do! All our contracts are on a monthly roll on basis and you can terminate the contract by just 1 months’ notice at any time – though we doubt you will ever want to.