Over the last 12 months, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives in an unprecedented way, with many office-based employees furloughed or working remotely during repeated lockdowns. However, restrictions are beginning to ease and employees are starting to return to their usual workplaces.

As an experienced Manchester cleaning company, we know how important it is for businesses to return to their new ‘normal’. Whether your team is working flexible hours, new rotational shift patterns or has returned fully to the office, we can provide a comprehensive and safe disinfection and sanitisation service.

With cleanliness and hygiene at the forefront of every employee’s mind, it is crucial that your business implements an effective cleaning plan. In this blog we will take a look at our top cleaning tips for a healthy and sanitary workplace, alongside discussing the benefits of hiring a Manchester cleaning company.

The top cleaning tips from the Atticus team

While the spread of the Covid-19 virus may be unavoidable in some situations, maintaining an excellent level of cleanliness will significantly reduce the risk of virus transmission. As a business, it is your duty to maintain a clean and safe environment, and the following tips will help to keep your office clean in-between professional deep cleans:

  • Use disposable paper towels – Rather than cleaning surfaces with washable cloths or sponges, switch to disposable paper towels to prevent the spread of the virus between washes.
  • Clean high traffic touch points regularly – Areas such as sink taps, light switches, door handles and toilet flush fittings should be cleaned as frequently as possible.
  • Clean first then use a disinfectant spray – Before using a disinfectant spray, surfaces should be cleaned with a soap and water solution to reduce the potential viral load and increase the effectiveness of the disinfectant. Rather than wiping the disinfectant  away immediately, allow the product to remain on the surface for several minutes first.
  • Clean electrical items thoroughly – The majority of offices will have electrical items which are used by numerous people on a daily basis. Items such as kettles, microwaves, printers, and telephones can be cleaned effectively with alcohol-based wipes. Only clean one item at a time, with new wipes used for each item.
  • Provide hand sanitiser and wipes to all employees – Encourage employees to wipe down their desks and equipment at the end of each day, especially if there are areas which are shared with other team members. In addition, all workstations should be cleared at the end of each employee’s shift, so that the area is quick and easy to clean for the professional cleaning team.
  • Encourage regular handwashing – In addition to providing running water, soap and hand dryers or paper towels, you should display signs or posters with encourage regular handwashing and explain how to do it properly.
  • Install motion activated amenities – Wherever possible install amenities which are motion activated to reduce touch points, such as handsfree sanitation points and motion activated doors.

In addition to the cleaning tips above, you should also try to reduce the contact your employees have with each other, surfaces, and objects. We recommend the following:

  • Limiting movement of employees around the office
  • Allocating specific work areas to individuals
  • Closing off empty workstations
  • Excluding fire doors, all other doors should be left open to reduce contact with handles
  • Implementing a one-way system and staggering arrival and finishing times

Do I need to hire a team of office cleaners?

Although the country is beginning to open again, your team will still be concerned about the virus as they return to the office. You may have already made adjustments to the workplace in terms of staff numbers on-site and social distancing, but it is also important to implement additional hygiene and cleaning procedures.

Whether you are looking for a deep clean before your team return back to the workplace or you have a confirmed coronavirus case within your office, our office cleaning services Manchester wide will provide the peace of mind you need. Our specialist equipment will achieve a professional level of sanitisation and disinfection, so that your team can return to work safely.

A professional sanitisation and disinfection service

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a high level of cleanliness and hygiene is required to protect your office-based team, and we are here to support you. Our professional office cleaning team provide a deep cleaning service throughout Manchester and the surrounding area, so that the risk of germs, bacteria and viruses spreading in your workplace is significantly reduced.

As a fully trained and certified team, we have the skills, experience and professional equipment required to sanitise and disinfect all areas of your workplace. From frequent touch points such as door handles and light switches through to the difficult to reach areas, our coronavirus cleaning service will deep clean your entire office.

The safety of your team is our number one priority, so we wear full PPE at all times and our medical grade cleaning products are completely safe for people, plants and even office pets! As part of our strict Covid-19 policy, we will complete thorough risk assessments before we enter your office, and we always adhere to the latest government guidance.

Contact us today to book your Covid-19 disinfection and sanitisation service!

During the pandemic, we recommend that all busy workplaces utilise the services of a professional cleaning team on a regular basis, especially as the virus is capable of living on stainless steel and plastic for up to 4 days!

As one of the leading office cleaning companies Manchester wide, you can trust our team to provide a high-quality commercial cleaning solution. We cover all areas of Manchester, Cheshire, Altrincham, Hale, and Sale, with a popular one-month rolling contract which is ideal for businesses that need assistance during the pandemic.

We also provide a 50% discount to new customers for the first 3 months, with an initial deep clean to bring your office up to our high standards. To find out more about why we are one of the most highly regarded cleaning companies in Manchester, contact our friendly team today for a free, no-obligation quote.